Why launching my own sunblock brand?

November 29, 2014

When you are a surfer, sunscreen is something you use every day. And living in Bali you use lots of sunscreen! But to discover the right one – the one that is truly long lasting, water resistant, doesn’t cause acne and also doesn’t seep into your eyes giving that burning feel – oh discover that perfect sunblock takes some time.

On my mission to find a perfect sunscreen for surfing I tried many. And while trying and educating myself about how sunscreens work I learned that not all sunscreens are the same. I also learned that some sunscreens actually do some harm. Some by penetrating into your skin and accumulating wrong chemicals in it, some by protecting you only from UVB rays and not from harmful UVA rays that cause premature aging and skin cancer!

Lots of surfers don’t really take sun protection issue seriously. Even myself after a while living in Bali I started to think that my skin is used to the sun and i don’t really need sunscreen most of the times. Those were my first foolish years in Bali, but after two years I noticed that my skin that once looked very young (no one ever guessed my real age before) doesn’t look so young anymore. My face has now more wrinkles than it supposed to have! That was when I really got alarmed of what I have done.

So I finally realized that if you live in a sunny tropical paradise like Bali, where summer literally lasts 364 days, you have to start using sunscreen all the times! And not just any sunscreen but the ones that really work! So I started reading more about sun protection and about harmful UV-rays.

At some point I realized that old school methods for sun protection that use zinc oxide are actually much better than modern chemical UV-protection that you can find in every big brand sunscreen. Zinc oxide doesn’t penetrate into your skin and doesn’t build up there. It’s safe to use (if used properly) and it’s even used by dermatologists. Together with zinc oxide, some natural oils & butters can be used that make sunblock not only skin-friendly but also ocean-friendly. I guess we surfers should think of not harming ocean & reefs!

So I started looking for natural sunscreens using this formula, but I didn’t find the one that I liked completely. So I started experimenting with my own formula and testing it on myself. Later on some of my friends tried my sunblock and asked me to make more for them.

Almost a year later I introduced my first batch of all natural SURF ZINC to the public.

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