10ml surf zinc tin
10ml surf zinc tin
Sunblock SURF ZINC

SURF ZINC small sunblock tin


Sunblock in a convenient aluminum tin, 10 ml. This small pack of sunscreen is enough for at least 6 months for all those week-end surfers or up to 3 months of intense every day surf. And it is all natural. Zinc oxide mineral broad spectrum sun protection. Easy to apply. Water resistant. Doesn’t clog pores. Tinted formula to match tanned face color. [ 10 ml   |   .3 oz ] 

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SURF ZINC is an effective and natural suncare for your face while you surf. It’s a natural, long lasting and water resistant sunblock. Made by surfers in Bali, this sunscreen was successfully tested while surfing in Indonesia, Hawaii, California, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Australia and many other places. This sunblock is also proved to work well for kitesurfers, windsurfers, freedivers and snowboarders!

SURF ZINC is a broad spectrum zinc oxide mineral sunscreen which means it will protect your face against all harmful ultraviolet rays that not only can cause sunburns but also cause premature ageing of your skin. Unlike some big brands sunscreens that only protect you from sunburns.



SURF ZINC is totally natural, plant and mineral-based formula which means there are no nasty chemicals there that some other sunscreens might contain. So no nasty chemicals will build up in your skin. Which is really important for us surfers because we use sunscreens every day and we have to think twice what we put on our face!

As many natural sunscreens SURF ZINC works as physical shield for your face against the sun, so you can adjust how much protection against the sun you need by applying a thicker layer if you surf mid day time and thinner layer for early mornings or winter days in California. So always remember: the thicker is the layer, the stronger is your protection!

SURF ZINC thick formula will not run into your eyes or drip when you sweat. It has water resistant formula so it will not wash away when you surf or swim. It will stay at your face as long as you don’t rub your face too much. If you tend to rub your face a lot, put a thicker layer! Recommended to reapply after towel drying or every 2 hours in the sun.

Natural formula of SURF ZINC will not clog your pores and it’s safe for acne prone skin. Some people might get pimples from regular sunscreens but it is less likely to happen with natural sunblocks!



The main ingredient of SURF ZINC is zinc oxide, it’s a mineral that serves s physical block for harmful UV rays. So basically it makes sure that those nasty sun rays don’t even reach your skin cells! Zinc oxide is considered as one of the safest and most effective sunscreen ingredients in natural suncare.

SURF ZINC sublock formula contains organic oils that have natural sun protecting properties, so that give you extra sun protection along with zinc oxide. SURF ZINC also contains oils & organic butters that will take care of your skin by moisturising and nourishing it. We also use organic beeswax that is known for its properties to help skin retain moisture. Also SURF ZINC is enriched with Vitamin E that helps your skin fight premature ageing!


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Some studies show that some of the big brands sunscreens contain some chemicals that can harm coral reefs and ocean wild life. SURF ZINC doesn’t contain any chemicals that are harmful either for your skin or for the ocean. So it’s surfers friendly 😉



[ 10 ml   |   .3 oz ] 



Non-nano Zinc Oxide | Coconut oil | Beeswax | Shea butter | Jojoba oil |Wheatgerm oil | Avocado oil | Sweet Almond Oil | Castor Oil | Carrot Seed Oil | Tea Tree Oil | Vitamin E |



~ expires in 12 months (see info on the packaging) ~

Might dry out if not stored properly | best kept refrigerated or in a cool dry spot if not used for long time



Made in Bali / Indonesia



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