Sunburn Relief | Aloe Vera skin treatment
Sunburn Relief | Aloe Vera skin treatment
Sunburn Relief | Aloe Vera skin treatment

Sunburn Relief Spray


All natural aloe vera skin treatment. Sunburn relief & skin soothing light spray. Aloe vera & natural oils mixed together
to take care of your skin when you get mild sunburns. Apply this oil treatment to soothe red, peeling and irritated skin.

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Doesn’t matter how many sunblocks we carry in our surf pouch, we still might get sunburns one day. That day when you forgot to put our surf zinc or surfed several hours during mid day heat without reapplying sun protection.


So this is the time when this SUNBURN RELIEF spray comes in handy. It’s made from natural ingredients and contains a high percentage of aloe vera to help our skin we get mild sunburns. This aloe + light oils mix treatment helps to to soothe red, peeling and irritated skin.


SUNBURN RELIEF spray is very light and is immediately absorbed into your skin. We also added refreshing peppermint to it, that you will love!



100% natural ingredients

Aloe vera is well known for healing sunburns and we made sure to add a lot of aloe to this spray.


We also added some of the natural oils that are very good on sunburned skin. Kukui nut oil, rosehip oil, tamanu oil and other good oils are used in this spray. These oils will soothe your skin, they will keep it moisturized, help it heal faster and avoid peeling.



Best used when right after sun exposure.

Continue re-applying to speed up healing and prevent skin peeling.

Don not use when in the direct sun.

Mix well before use!


[ 30ml / 1oz ]

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Weight 40 g
Dimensions 7 × 3 × 3 cm


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