after surf spray – ocean inspired skincare
after surf spray – ocean inspired skincare

After Surf Spray for Face & Hair


Natural spray based on mix of aloe vera & botanical oils to moisturize your skin. Apply after a surf session to your face & hair ends to avoid dryness & dull look.

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Most surfers don’t really care about intricate skin care routine. And definitely only few of them would have several products for different situations: like one for skin, another for hair…

So this spray is aiming to be one quiver product for your after surf skin care routine. I has multiple uses: you can shake it and spray on your face to give it extra moisture after long surf sessions. You can spray a little bit in excess and then wipe it up with a napkin or towel and this product will help not only remove surf zinc from your face besides hydrating your skin. You can also spray it on your wet hair ends before you comb it to give it extra conditioning.




100% natural ingredients

The best natural oil mix that is insure maximum moisturizing both of skin hair. All mixed with aloe vera to give extra kick after long tine in the sun. Some of the oils used: hemp oil, argan oil, avocado oil, kukui nut & rosemary.



Use after surf or anytime you feel like using it

Always shake well before spraying. Works best on wet hair.

Keep the bottle refrigerated if not used for long time.

Best used in 6-8 months after purchase.


[ 50ml / 2oz ]

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Weight 62 g
Dimensions 11.5 × 3.5 × 3.5 cm


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