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Sunblock for active sports


SURF ZINC is all natural sunblock that is water resistant and protects you from harmful ultraviolet rays while you surf / kitesurf / snowboard etc.

SURF ZINC formula is natural and organic, yet very effective! The main ingredient is zinc oxide, a mineral that serves as physical block for harmful UV rays. Heaps of different organic oils & butters used in SURF ZINC to take care of your skin. Some oils even contain natural SPF to give you extra sun protection. SURF ZINC is enriched with Vitamin E that helps your skin fight premature ageing!

inspired by the ocean

There is nothing like ocean that can make me happy & inspire me. Being in the water, getting the feel of the ocean, surfing perfect waves – that is my personal bliss. And of course one thing I would need every time I paddle out is a proper natural sun protection that is not harmful for the ocean.

Created by a surfer

What can be better than a sunscreen created by a surfer? Living near the ocean and surf every day (or twice a day:) in a tropical place like Bali I test this surf zinc myself every time I paddle out. I tested out different formulas and textures to create the one that works in different conditions.

in love with Bali

Bali is special! You just fall in love with this place immediately. Perfect waves, simple life and beautiful nature around you. An in return Bali teaches you to take care about things around you – ocean and nature. That’s why I am so proud that SURF ZINC is a natural and is not harmful to ocean and reefs.

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Why launching my own sunblock brand?

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