My name is Stella, I live & surf in Bali, and I am also the one who writes about Bali in

I love surfing and I am in love with Bali and this unique place inspired me for this project. Making my own organic sunscreens and suncare products for surfers.

It’s actually started just as a hobby, and the first batch of my sunscreens I did just for myself. I couldn’t find a product that was natural & organic, but really easy to apply and good for my skin. I tried so many commercial and homemade sunscreens but they either didn’t work well, or were not so good for my skin, or even harmful for me and the ocean. (Commercial sunscreens might be fine if you use them once in a while, but if you surf every day, once or twice a day, you really want to put something good and healthy on your skin).

So at some point I decided to educate myself about sunscreens, harmful UV rays, SPF, cosmetic formulas etc. (I also did work for L’Oreal some years ago, so I already knew some stuff actually). So I ended up experimenting with cosmetic formulas myself and creating one that will answer all my needs.

I wanted something natural & organic (‘good for me, good for the ocean’); moisturizing and protecting from harmful UV rays, water resistant but yet very easy to apply & remove; something that will not cause acne or any skin rash.

After one year of trial and errors my first sunscreen was born. I gave it to few of my friends to try, they loved it so much, so they kept bugging me to make another batch just for them. After a while it was clear more and more people wanted to try it, so I decided to launch this website and make my sunscreen available for everyone. Yes, you can order it from anywhere and it will be delivered to you from Bali. Worldwide shipping rules 😉




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  1. Comment by joeri van de vliet

    joeri van de vliet Reply November 10, 2017 at 5:17 pm

    Dear Stella,

    I’m Joeri Van de Vliet and founder of
    For our Surfcamps we are looking to make a Zinc Stick branded with our logo to sell as merchandise in our camps.
    Do you think you are interested in producing 500 zinc sticks for us?
    Could you give us a production price for a stick with our logo on it.

    You can get back to me @ [email protected]



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